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“1. A brief review of the application of BI technologies on universities in general.2. A description of the organisation including the business area of interest and the availabledatasets (existing or possible to be obtained either internally or externally).3. Explain the application of the CRISP-DM process on your chosen area of interest;describe the types of data give examples of data mining questions; explain whattechniques could be used to address these questions and the expected results from theanalysis; explain the evaluation process explain how these results could be taken intoconsideration in a decision making context.4. Discuss the implications of your proposed approach for your chosen area of interest andthe organisation.Below is an indication of the parts that your essay should include together with an indication ofthe overall weighting attached to each part.1. A review of BI technologies for universities of about two pages (overall weighting 10%)2. The description of the organisation of about two pages (overall weighting 10%)3. The CRISP-DM process of about four pages discusses the application of the CRISP-DMprocess on your chosen area; discusses the business problem the dataset the analysisexpected results and their evaluation (overall weighting 40%)4. The implications of about two pages discusses the main benefits of your analysis possibledrawbacks and issues of concern and draws your overall conclusions (overall weighting20%)5. Use of sources presentation and language references (overall weighting 20%)
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