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Conduct an interview with someone you know (anyone will do) who used to volunteer their time in some capacity but no longer volunteers. Try and find out why they no longer volunteer their time to that cause. Your goal is to get to the real meaning of why they no longer volunteer. This may take a bit to get to the essence. So asking a question why dont you volunteer anymore? may not get to the real meaning. You may need to ask some opening questions that are more demographic that get them to describe their volunteer experience and the activities and then questions about what was happening when they found themselves loosing interest or when they stopped. Possibly have them tell you why they did volunteer and what was different when they stopped.
This will not be a list of questions that you read. This will be a fluid process where you will ask additional questions that come to you during your interview based upon what they say. It is a very dynamic process. Take a free flow of information about the state of volunteerism. As you ask questions and get answers more questions will come to you and to your interviewee. You will both become co-investigators in this process.
Write down your notes or a transcription of the interview and post your findings on the discussion board. We will then use this to see categories that we find cropping up in our interviews. Please refer back to the postings frequently through the week to see the volume of information that is generated. In reviewing each others interviews we may also see how many of our categories we uncover. Remember we are getting to the lived experiences looking for trends and what qualitative analysis calls a rich description. This is different than a quantitative approach. We are not looking for volume of or frequency of responses. Good luck and have some fun with this.

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