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“1- The US has been described as a country divided by Blue States (that vote Democrat) and Red States (that vote Republican). Please talk about any differences you would expect in the planning function between Red and Blue states. Do they have different implications for planning process? Planning outcomes? What about property rights? Are there different conceptions of the Public Interest?
2. A previous City Manager of San Diego closed down the Citys Planning Department claiming that since the City was approaching build-out it didnt need a planning department anymore. How does this square with what weve read in planning theory? Are there issues that still require planning?
3. Planning in San Diego is increasingly dictated by the regional planning agency SANDAG which responds to a non-elected Board made up of locally-elected officials (who are then appointed to the Board). Is this in the Public Interest? What are the strengths and weaknesses of this approach? Please pick a particular example of planning led by SANDAG and use that to illustrate theoretical concerns.

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