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“A capability statement that follows from your capital budgeting presentation will be due near the end of the semester. Assume the CFO of your MNC (Nike Inc) is considering you as Team Leader for your capital budgeting proposal and has asked you to submit a capability statement. Write a one two page statement detailing your capability to manage your proposed project. The statement should describe the specific tools and knowledge acquired in this and prior finance classes and how you would apply this knowledge to evaluate the project and assuming acceptance of the project to make ongoing financial decisions. As such the statement should not be about why the project will succeed rather the capabilities that you possess to ensure its success. (In the letter explain to the CFO that Im excellent in Team Role: Hedging strategies and a determination of the cost of capital needed for the project. And give him reasons) See the evaluation rubric attached to the end of the syllabus for grading criteria.
The assignment should be written as a letter to CFO of Nike starting with:
Don Blair Nike Inc.
1 Bowerman Dr
Beaverton OR 97005
Dear Mr. Blair
and ends with:
Very Respectfully
[Name] ===============================
No sources/references needed.”