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A critical review of an international marketing issueIndividual or Group work
You work individuallyGeneral outline of the work
Below is a case study and question to research about international marketing. From your research you need to produce an essay and must use a range of academic and business sources to support your answer.Word count
2000 words + tables diagrams and appendices as required. + references listThe Case Study
Vodaphone using technology to improve economies
The case study looks at the Vodaphone company and discusses different types of economy and the different needs of these economies.For the case study please see:

TasksPrepare a 2000 word (+/-10%) essay.
You are to select a.developing country of your choice e.g. Nigeria and discuss:what factors Vodaphone considers in determining its current marketing mix and what its current marketing strategy is (where Vodaphone already has a presence in the country);
what factors it should it consider in the future and what its marketing strategy should be (where Vodaphone already has a presence in the market or where it is a new country for them).
You should highlight how this differs from a developed country like the UK and those more widely in Europe and North America.Complete a PEST and SWOT analysis of your chosen country for Vodaphone. Include the PEST and SWOT analysis as appendices with notes such that these are sufficiently well explained to be clear to the reader. Draw from these to make your discussion.
There are no marks for repeating information from the case study although you will need to start with these in your preparation work.
Gives a discussion which gives a good practical understanding underpinned by a good understanding of theory. Include arguments and wherever possible supporting evidence for each point that you make.
Where you can justify it include models and other relevant information in your answer (extra to the word count) or if these are just supporting and less central to the argument give these as appendices. If you give models you must apply these to the case and not just present them. You should do so both by annotating the models and bringing these out in the discussion.
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