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“Answer BOTH questions. Questions carry equal weight. Word limit 1500 words per answer (3000 for the whole assignment).
Question 1
Rimmel is a very mature cosmetic brand that has always positioned itself as a value for money product. Its low cost products have been available in supermarkets Supadrug/Boots and local chemist stores. The company has provided retailers with a metre long in-store display unit that exhibits the full range of colour make up products from blusher to nail polish.
Imagine that Rimmel is now launching a perfume. The TV ad will position the product using images of an attractive 18 24 year old woman who appears to lead a trendy fashionable varied and active life. The ad would appear to target both women buying for themselves and people buying gifts for women. The ad does not give a value for money impression.
Imagine Rimmel are debating whether to use their traditional retail channels to distribute the product. Evaluate the alternatives Rimmel have for reaching the end consumer and explain your recommendation.
Question 2
You are working as a retail consultant and have been retained to advise a shoe retailer ShuYou. They have asked you to design the layout and display of one of their stores. The store is situated in a side street close to a popular High Street. Although the shop is in a side street a lot of people pass by on their way to the major parking garage further down the street. The High Street has a good representation of national chain stores selling clothing and shoes. The store size is 1200 square foot (120 square metres). It has a 20-foot (6metres) frontage and a depth of 60 feet (20 metres). ShuYou is positioned as a family shoes store aimed at C2D target market. The strap line on all their advertising is At the Feet of the Family.
Recommend how the store should look. Your answer should cover ambience layout and design fixtures fittings and atmospherics”