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“Assessment Semester B 14-15
The assessment for semester B is in two parts. The first element is centred on a 2000 word case study of the students choice in which they need to apply evaluate and justify key entrepreneurial theory gained in semester A (the case study MUST be different from any used in semester A) in order to aid and add academic rigor to their study. The theories need to be applied within their respective contexts in order to show how the business and owner/founder can be termed entrepreneurial. Finally you need to identify if the business could be more entrepreneurial in its outlook or trading habits/style. Again you need to justify any recommendations you suggest and state how this would alter or change the business its market or any other element of its trading in any way.
The second element is a 2-2500-word business plan based on a theoretical business idea of your choice. You need to identify a business idea and research the market you wish to enter and state how you intend that your product or service can be successful. You also need to clearly identify your target market state who they are and say how you intend to attract them through an effective marketing strategy. You also need to include a realistic financial plan which includes start up costs break even analysis and profit and loss accounts within it. The plan needs cover a period of 5 years.