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“Assignment Requirements

Strategic Management: Internal Analysis and SWOT
In THIS Assignment we will be looking inside of Harley-Davidson in order to identify its strengths and weaknesses. It is important to consider how these factors will either help the company overcome the threats (or make it more vulnerable) or put it in a position where it can take advantage of opportunities (or will have to let them pass by because they do not have the internal resources to act).
To complete THIS Assignment please read the information in the background material and then write a 3-page report answering the following questions:
i.What are H-Ds top two or three strengths for moving forward in the competitive motorcycle manufacturing and sales environment?
ii.Describe what you consider to be two or three of the weaknesses that are likely to have the greatest impact and what H-D is doing (or should be doing) to overcome these weaknesses.
iii.Wrap up by overviewing the more salient points of your entire SWOT analysis (from your Module 3 and 4 Case Assignments) and give your impressions in relation to whether you think the corporation will continue to be competitive and be able to continue to meet its mission.
Note: use proper citations and references. Use the sources from the background material together with the sources you find on your own.
Assignment Expectations
This paper should include:
An introduction stating the thesis position or central theme of your paper a main body focusing on the key assignment specifications and a conclusion concisely stating the main points of your analysis and the conclusions you reached.
Document your sources and provide in-text citations whenever you use information obtained from a background reading or other outside source as well as a separate reference list at the end of the paper. You may use footnotes instead if you prefer but you must document where you got the information you are using in your papers.
The following brief strategic analysis of H-D will provide you with some useful information for putting together your assignments. It should give you some ideas on how to fashion a brief strategic analysis.
GlobalData (2012). Harley-Davidson Inc. Financial and Strategic Analysis Review. Retrieved from:http://callisto.ggsrv.com/imgsrv/Fetch?banner=4d609cd7&digest=27b6b6d33026b58ef227e0025dda7d42&contentSet=SWOT&recordID=47405_GDAUT29887FSA

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