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“Class Listening Paper.
For the class a comparative paper of two piece of music. However the title of the second piece is Adagio by Samuel Barber. You are to compare the Adagio to the Unanswered Question by Charles Ives (which is on your CD set). Feel free to listen to both pieces more than once (so that you are familiar to both pieces).
Barbers Adagio for Strings and Charles Ivess Unanswered Question.
The paper is to be:
1) At least five (5) complete and no more than seven (7) complete pages of text in length. Copies of music and pictures do not count as part of the paper.
2) In APA style (with one inch margins on all four sides). This means that you must to cite your sources within the paper and on the Resource page. Not citing your sources within the paper will cause your paper to not be accepted for any points.
3) 12 point Times Roman font with double spacing.
4) You will also need to include a title page and bibliography page. Your paper needs to have at least three sources (do not use your textbook as a source).
In the paper I want you to discuss the following items:
1) How is the Adagio similar to the Beethoven movement and why?
2) How does the Adagio differs from Beethoven movement and why?
3) When you listen to each piece what does each piece remind you of?
4) Which one these pieces did you enjoy more than the other? And why?
5) Use much of the terminology that you have studied throughout this course. You should use books other than your textbook as your sources.
Things you can do:
1) Using information from recordings music history books and reliable Internet sources are allowed.
2) Information from music journals (not magazines).
3) Information from concert programs biographies and encyclopedias. However be aware of autobiographies. They may not be your greatest source.
Things you should not do:
1) Forget to cite your sources within your paper.
2) Use Wikipedia. A big no-no in college.
3) Use your textbook as a source for your paper.
Things to remember to do:
1) Cite your sources within the paper and in the bibliography (resource) page.
2) Check to see if all margins are one (1) inch on all four sides.
3) Are the pages numbered?
4) Is the paper in APA style? And in 12 times roman font? double spacing?”