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“CRM Individual Assignment
The purpose of the individual assignment is to encourage you to review reflect and build on your knowledge of the course material and to put this knowledge into practice. The individual assignment should be self-contained concise and must not exceed 1200 words excluding references and appendices. It should reflect the application of course material to an organization/ brand that is assigned to you for the purpose of the individual assignment. You will be required to collect and analyze company data and consumer data relating to the organization/brand. Your work should focus on analytical and reflective thinking about the issues. You should concentrate on outlining connections you make between theory and practice; concepts and observations; readings and experience; old and new knowledge etc. That is you should apply the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) concepts and theory that are discussed in the weekly seminars for your reflections on response to or analysis of an event experience or concept. Students need to submit the individual assignment both online through Blackboard and a hard copy on or before the due date. The submitted assignments will be transferred to Turnitin automatically for plagiarism monitoring. Penalties will be applied if any student is late in submitting the assignment in either form (online or hard copy).

Topic: Habitual Adoption of Loyalty Reward Program Membership Drivers and EffectsLoyalty Reward Program and Its Membership
Drivers Why do consumer become a member?
Effects How does it affect the firm and the consumer?
Role of Habit:What are the consequences (to the firm and to the individual) of consumers joining numerous loyalty reward programs out of habit?
What are the drivers of such habitual adoption?
What are the effects of such habitual adoption for the firm?Strategy Recommendations
StructureIntroduction:Loyalty program (LP)
Habitual adoption of the LP
Possible effects of the habitual adoption of the LPFactors Influencing Habitual Adoption of the LP:List down the factors (five to six factors)
Define the factors
Discuss how each factor is linked with the habitual adoption of the LP (with reference).Data Collection
Results:Show the effects of the factors on habitual adoption of the LP in table with regression results.
Show the effects of the habitual adoption of the LP on Loyalty in table with regression results.Conclusion and Recommendation.