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“for this assignment you will write a policy paper. This second assignment adds up to the first assignment I have already complete it. my first assignment is almost 10 pages long. This second policy assignment is also about 10-12 pages long. SINCE I have already done most of the work in the first assignment you only have to add about 5 pages of policy research. My first assignment talks about cuba and the human right violations that are occurings. It focuses most on the violation of freedom of speech and freedom of press. on the second assignment you have to talk about a solution to those human right violations. The solution that I thought of was the lifting of the US embargo and how that would better the conditions of human rights in cuba economically and with more access to technology. You have to extend on that!. BUT REMEMBER YOU HAVE TO FOCUS ON HOE LIFTING THE EMBARGO WILL HELP BETTER HUMAN RIGHTS IN CUBA< ESPECIALLY FREEDOM OF SPEACH. I have attach a lot of information for you to read on the embargo. I have also attached my first assignment for you to use it and introduce the policy in it. and most important I have attached the guidelines to the paper! also there is a human rights watch review to guide yourself on how to organize the paper. "