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“Global Social Change SYP 4453
Spring 2015
Essay 3
In two-to-three typewritten and double-spaced pages and using 12-point font compose an essay response to one of the below questions. It is expected that your essay will utilize course readings and/or lecture notes. You may also use sources that have not been used in this course. You must cite all your sources within the text of your essay and by attaching a bibliography using either the APA or MLA format. Be sure to number your pages as well.
Question 1
What is the globalization project? Why does McMichael refer to globalization as a project? What is the overall goal of the project? What does the term global governance mean and what is its role in the globalization project? What meaning does global governance have for countries?
Some basic writing tips:
Read the selected question carefully. As you write ensure that you are answering the question(s) that have been asked. That is avoid simply writing everything you know about the topic. Instead use what you do know to answer the question(s).
Each paragraph should begin with a statement or assertion a new point. The remainder of the paragraph should be used to substantiate the assertion.
Be sure to carefully proofread (that is do not rely only on spellcheck) for any spelling grammatical or structural errors. Also check to ensure that you have indeed responded to the question(s) posed here.
I want to know that:
1. You understand the concept(s) or argument(s) being discussed. A first step is to complete the relevant readings. Youll notice that the questions take you beyond the points I highlighted in class sessions. This means that you must read in order to write good answers.
2. You are able to use what you do know to answer specific questions. Doing so demonstrates not only knowledge and understanding but good critical thinking skills.”