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“I dont need the heading part just start typing.
Checklist for the paper. Please follow the simple instructions.
The title: Gothic elements in the works of Edgar Allan Poe. Masque of the Red Death.
The Tell-Tale Heart.
The Black Cat.
Do not plagiarized!!!A topic that lends itself to literacy interpretation Not just a report or biographical sketch. THIS PAPER IS TO BE A LITERARY ANALYSIS. Do not re-tell the story! Or a summary!
Title which leads into thesis statement and that indicates the topic of the paper.
Good introduction so that the readers interests is captured and reader can tell where you are heading.
Significant well stated thesis which offers a commitment limited to scope of paper.
Amount and relevance of supporting (quoted) material.
Effective use of direct quotations. Do quotations from critics add something interpretive and more than could be found in the primary source? In other words it is an ineffective use of secondary support if you quote a critic who is merely quoting the primary source. You can quote the primary source yourself. Be selective with quotes. Offer analysis and interpretation or be opinionated.
Good organization
Correct spelling
Varied sentences structure.
Correct grammar
AVOID 2ND person you.
Effective transitions between paragraphs.
Effective conclusion.
Interpret and ANALYZE.
Dont make it sounds too smart. Im just a college freshman. Use common words choice. Use common sense. Please be Understandable.
3 outside sources. It could be 2 online and one book or 2 books and 1 online.
Again do not plagiarized!!! Its a waste of time.