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“IKEA-Market focus on General international markets activity.
Select a company that is internationally active and critically review analyse and evaluate its international marketing activities.
Learning outcomes 2 3 & 4
2. Demonstrate a clear understanding of the operational imperatives of marketing at an international level.
3. Critically evaluate marketing issues in relation to new product developments and new markets in an international context.
4. Appreciate the significance of cultural diversity in international marketing and apply relevant theory to the solution of problems posed by this for international marketing activity.
Further guidance:
The individual report will take the form of a detailed study similar to the Interbrand report format but with correct sourcing and academic referencing. It will thus be structured with separate sections and headings. Executive summaries and numbered paragraphs are not required nor are recommendations. It will resemble therefore an essay with sections and headings. It may be appropriate to use additional data such as tables graphs country profiles etc.
It is vital at this level of study that sources used are appropriate correctly cited in text and represented in an accurate reference list constructed according to Harvard referencing conventions.
The following list can be used as a guide to the issues that should be covered but some may be more relevant than others depending on the product or service and the available information.
Use your judgement therefore to decide what to include or emphasise and what to leave out if necessary or appropriate:
Background to the company and the nature of its business
The current level of International activity the company is involved in
The current marketing environment and the locations where this is taking place with specific reference to the areas that the company may want to expand to
Evidence of International expansion strategies adaptation or standardisation issues
Cultural issues trading conditions and environment DO NOT CONDUCT A PESTLE ANALYSIS (or other environmental scanning model) or a SWOT ANALYSIS.
Key elements of the International marketing mix
Market definition and segmentation issues
Marketing communications and promotional strategies
Distribution and transportation management
Ethical considerations and criticism..
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