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“IMPORTANT: Read and Follow Carefully Every Details of the Coursework/ assignment instructions mentioned below from the University Instructor:
* Make benchmarking on 2 major Saudi Telecommunications Companies; STC (Saudi Telecom Company) and Mobily
Assignment Questions:
Consider a service industry organisation with which you are familiar. In what areas could this organisation benefit from benchmarking? With which other organisations could it be usefully benchmarked? What factors might influence effective benchmarking in this service industry context?
Further Guidance
(a)Be careful not to spend too much of your assignment simply describing course
concepts or examples. Your emphasis should be on applying the frameworks or
concepts to allow you to analyse the issues identified in the question and for this
analysis to be a foundation for your subsequent conclusions;
(b) Examples can be from your own experience or from other sources (appropriately
(c) We also advise that you use the electronic databases (e.g. Business Source
Premier and Emerald) in the library to search for additional academic articles
which support your answer;
(d) Remember to reference sources appropriately
Assessment Criteria
In addition to the criteria outlined above and in the Programme Handbook students are expected to demonstrate:
(a) the ability to apply frameworks and concepts from the Benchmarking literature to
real world cases;
(b) the ability to identify the implications of such an analysis for practice within
organisations; and
(c) the ability to reach a conclusion based upon the analysis of both theory and
practice in addressing the question.
Word limit: 3500 + 10 % = 3850 maximum
*assignment question requirements breakdown
1. Characterise the industry
2. Introduce an organisation
3. Identify and then justify the areas to be benchmarked
4. Identify and then justify other organisations (useful)
5. Define effectiveness
6. Critically review the success factors
7. Align your critique with the service industry context
NOTE : Make benchmarking on 2 major Saudi Telecommunications Companies; STC (Saudi Telecom Company) and Mobily
Below Referances can be used but not limited researcher can add
* The writer MUST USE All the uploaded reference materials based on the the links mentioned below coming from the university library.