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“In 2014 Qantas formerly a government-owned airline asked the federal government for assistance. Identifying the concepts taught in this unit discuss the arguments that were used by both sides of the Qantas bailout debate. Based on the theories of the role of the state taught in this unit was the governments stance justified? Why or why not?
Are international institutions such as the International Monetoary Fund (IMF) and the European Union (EU) helping or hindering economic recovery in Greece? Discuss incorporating or countering the democratic deficit argument in your answer.
Using an example of an anticipatory industry policy measure discuss the merits of the particular policy (drawing on the concepts taught in this unit). To what extent were the policy objectives achieved? What were the unintended consequences of the policy?
To what extent does business dominate industry policy in Australia? Discuss using examples and drawing upon the concepts taught in this unit.Are Australian consumers better off as a result of economic rationalism? Discuss drawing upon the concepts taught in this unit.
If the freeMARKETprovides better outcomes for consumers why was Mr Campbell Newmans Government so severely punished by voters at the 2015 Queensland state election? Discuss using examples and drawing upon the concepts taught in this unit.For a custom paper on any of the above topics place your order now!
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