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“Its a 1600 word essay. Its a human pathophysiology subject where newly discovered medical condition has to be discussed. Its called Krenskels syndrome. This disease was discovered in a family pedigree while working in a remote community in Indochina. It is inherited genetic mutation leads to the walls of capillaries throughout the body becoming increasingly permeable as individuals age. Genetic analysis has revealed that having two copies of the mutation is always fatal within the first few months of the life. However individuals with only a single copy of the mutation present with an array of symptoms and life expectancy Varies depending on which symptoms develop. The first noticeable symptom of krenskels syndrome is haemoptysis. The other common symptoms are peripheral oedema and proteinuria. Professor krenskel notes that many other symptoms commonly arise in the sufferers of this genetic condition and can seriously affect the health of the affected individuals. 1. First using the knowledge of the normal physiology explain how kremakes syndrome may lead to each of the three following symptoms- haemoptysis peripheral oedema and proteinuria.2. Second also using your knowledge of normal and abnormal physiology logically argue one other way in which krenskels syndrome is likely to adversely affect a different organ or body system not already discussed in your essay and the symptoms that would be associated with this.
Theres no information on this disease on the Internet or books. I will upload the whole essay requirement on my account
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