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My personal philosophy for special education is to provide an exemplary educational base for students with disabilities and assisting the family in the educational process. I am obligated to provide the necessary teaching experiences to the student with disabilities either through inclusion or in an isolated classroom. All children are permitted a quality education for the betterment of their life and self-development.
Furthermore as an educator I believe I am responsible for developing a students personal feelings through the learning process in which I would like to expand their understanding and development. On the other hand intervention specialist must be trained in teaching practices and strategies to stimulate and enhance growth among students with disabilities. Thus in the future special education may accentuate the learning process through the addition of personalized computer aided techniques (Mini-Merc) of learning.
My personal belief is that special education aspires to develop students with disabilities to their fullest capacity. Thus special education may be reasonably different from general education in that it entails specialized instructions and support designed for a specific student. This support develops students with disabilities psychologically through observation and interaction with

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materials provided in class work motivation and helping these students either in learning or at a personal level. This way teachers stimulate students passion for learning and funnel it. Like the Montessori style of teaching teachers should promote independence amongst students and should not hamper students desire to learn on their own. They should facilitate individualized understanding in regard to diverse capabilities to enhance learning among students with exceptionalities. Therefore an intervention specialist should understand that each student is different from the other and requires individualized instruction this way they will facilitate education to all students. In addition intervention specialists must consult with other instructors to guarantee the success of students with disabilities. I believe that instructors must assist in the upbringing of a student with a disability in all domains of their life. They must no shy away from assisting students as a personal level to ensure students improve within their lives. Additionally an interventional specialist must enhance personality development among students. This should serve as the main focus in my teaching practice.
Apart from the three basic needs; food clothing and shelter everybody including children in society have a right to a quality education disability notwithstanding. Therefore Educational Ministries in the world must ensure that special education gets to all students who qualify. This will develop and enhance education for all people and improve their lives. It should not be thought that education only facilitates employment but special education improves lives for the

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individuals with disabilities. I believe that families and communities should play an important role in the educational process of their child with a disability just like they do with their other children. They must ensure that their child with a disability develops physically socially emotionally and academically.”