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“Now it is time for you to begin thinking about the mini research report assignment listed in the syllabus. Weve studied reports. Now you will write a report based on your own field research. This work involves observation and engagement with a particular case. Consider these key terms:
Desk research / Secondary research vs. Primary / Field research
Primary research = surveys interviews observations and ethnographic research.
This section in Purdue Owl will help you get a grip on the concept of primary research https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/owlprint/559/ You will be doing your own primary research in a field related to your chosen profession. Will you shadow transcript an interview or create a survey? What will you do? You will finish a written report according to the research you accomplish and you may supplement this report with material developed for and used in the course of your own research. You may also supplement your own research with desk research from appropriate sources.
Actively read the section of Purdue Owl to get ideas about the type of research you would enjoy conducting.
Brainstorm opportunities to do research related to your chosen profession.
Collect data. Complete and document your own research.
Use knowledge gained from this class with the fundamentals of composition to create a report describing the results of your research.
We shall discuss a due date as a class but now is the time to begin work on this assignment.”