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“This research paper is about Henry Ford.
You can start the essay by briefly introduce Henry Ford such as his family. And then talk about the cars part such as model T. FYI Henry Ford never invented the car he just made it perfect. You can research about it. And the next part you can talk about the factory part such as the assembly line. After the history part you have to talk anout the present day. How Henry Ford affects cars and factories. And how cars and factories run nowadays. What are the difference? Such as Ford becomes more versatile they are not only building cars but also trucks and SUVs. And nowadays factories are mostly work done by machines. I especially want you to see how the topic fits into/or impacts HISTORY and PRESENT DAY. Sources may be books databases magazine journals interviews and films. The source can be websites too but no more than two websites. NO ENCYCLOPEDIAS NOR WIKIPEDIA.
Remember this is a research paper. No personal stories or opinion. No thesis statement or analysis. I will give you something that I research. But if you find something better feel free to use yours.”