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“Write a Feasibility Report proposing change to the University of Toledo in response to this RFP:
In an effort to improve student experiences to better serve the student body to facilitate a stronger
campus community to increase campus accessibility and to improve retention and graduation
rates the administration of the University of Toledo is seeking formal proposals of solutions to
problems facing college students.
We invite you to submit a Formal Feasibility Report proposing a change that may solve a current
problem or simply make an improvement.
Proposals should be addressed to the appropriate office and present the problem and its
relevance and discuss the proposed solution.
This project includes:
A formal research proposal to the instructor
An informal progress report
A formal progress report
An 7-10 page report written in APA format. (Letter or memo of transmittal title page table of
contents abstract list of illustrations AND an 7+ page report with introduction discussion conclusion
recommendations visuals and graphics a references page).
A set of slides that demonstrates an understanding of visual presentation
The main objective of this assignment is to demonstrate that you can effectively use research and critical
thinking to draw conclusions and issue recommendations to a body of decision makers using the accepted
conventions of technical/professional writing.
This project requires that you make an argument that is informed by your research rather than simply
reporting your research findings. You will use example reports to layout and structure the recommendation
report applying basic design theory to your persuasive aim.
You will need to incorporate useful visuals into the report; and cite and label them according to the
conventions of formal research.
Objectives to be met: Create a thesis that establishes claims for both a main
argument and intermediate arguments that support it. Distinguish between
background primary and secondary research sources and use those sources
appropriate for genre and audience Demonstrate aptitude in APA format
Create and sustain a persuasive argument in a professional context. Apply
advanced methods for integrating outside sources into an argument
Demonstrate understanding of the use of visuals to inform and persuade Use
electronic environments to collaborate on texts conduct peer review
Sources/research etcYou will need a minimum of ten sources for your project. These MUST include a variety of sources. You may choose from newspaper professional journal and magazine articles; books and pamphlets interviews and/or data collected from field trips and phone calls.
You will need to do
some primary research: This could be done via observation interview survey etc..
some secondary database research: Looking for material in library databases
some secondary web research: Collecting data and information from credible web sources.”