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2) (5 points) Equilibrium discrimination and crowding. Suppose
there are two occupations, day-care teachers and plumbers.

a) (2 points) Draw hypothetical supply and demand graphs for men
and women to both occupations assuming that some of each gender
prefers each job. Now, assume that discriminatory actions prevent
men from becoming plumbers. Show the effects of discrimination on
your graph.

b) (1 point) Who benefits and who loses from this
discrimination? Show the effect of discrimination on wages and
employment in both occupations and on total output in each. (Hint:
have one graph for day-care teachers, and a separate one for

c) (1 point) Wanting higher wages, day-care teachers
successfully lobby government to crack down on discrimination
practices. If discrimination is eliminated, show the changes that
will take place in the two labor markets. Who benefits and who
loses from the ban on discrimination?

d) (1 point) Are there circumstances where the government should
not prevent discrimination? Would you favor keeping