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Business Ethics Questions:

Why is ethical misconduct more
difficult to overcome than poor financial performance? Do some
stakeholders suffer more from ethical misconduct than from poor
financial performance? Explain.

List three business problems,
situations, or opportunities that you believe are ethical issues.
Explain why.

The opinions of society, as expressed
through legislation, can change over time and different courts and
government legislatures may take different views about the
acceptability of specific business activities. Why is this so? What
business activity do you see changing as a result of the judicial
or legislative systems?

Trace the ethical decision-making
process. You may find it helpful to apply the model to a real
business situation or to a hypothetical ethical issue you develop

Compare and contrast the two
teleological philosophies: egoism and utilitarianism. Discuss the
bases that each type uses to evaluate the morality of

Compare and contrast the two moral
philosophies: teleology and deontology. Discuss the bases that each
philosophy type uses to evaluate the morality of a particular