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Question asked & answered question: Suppose you are interested in the behaviors of physicians…

Question asked & answered question: Suppose you are interested in the behaviors of physicians that have high ratings of patient satisfaction. The research goal is to identify the behaviors in the natural clinical settings of these successful physicians so that these behaviors can be built into the curricula of medical preparation programs. The main data were collected by the video recording of five randomly
selected physician-patient encounters from 10 physicians who have been rated highly by patients in a reliable satisfaction survey.

In analyzing the recordings, what would you define as the unit for analysis? Why?

The unit of analysis in the recordings is physicians’ behaviors with the patients and how they can generate higher satisfaction amongst them. Information regarding the physicians obtained during the patient-doctor conversation highlighted the various practices of the doctors and what constitute to their higher ratings. The recordings illustrated some responses which were significant in the enhancement of the patient-doctor communication antiques, some ethical standards they practice, possession of sufficient skills, the exercise of passion and tenderness towards the patients. The quality of physician behaviors and practices is highly related to the patient satisfaction levels that were observed (Andrade, 2015).

How many data units (in rough estimates) are you likely to get based on this decision?

Roughly, an estimation of about five data units of analysis is mainly based on the behavioral factors of the physicians in the clinical settings The data suggested a stiff dedication of the physicians in regards to their assessments of patients, possession of empathy among them that aid them in executing their duties courteously, conducting high levels of professionalism, and being able to work with confidence regardless of the impending factors and mainly being passionate and humble towards their patients.

Does the estimated number of data units seem adequate? Why or why not?

The estimated numbers of data units in the analysis seem adequate for a professional practice of physicians in clinical settings. To achieve such a high ratings of patient satisfaction, these clinical behaviors have to be in place as they are the essential in the behavioral analysis of most doctors. With effective communication skills, they are in a position to understand the requirements of most patients (Sperry, 2009). Other factors regarding their behaviors are inter-twined in these qualities, and a physician is exhibiting them are in a position to successfully build a strong relationship with their patients hence recording high ratings of patients satisfactions.

Question asked that I need answer to please. Thank you for your ideas and summary. You discuss observing "communications" between the patient and the physician but when we are evaluating patient satisfaction, communication may not be the only factor impacting patient satisfaction. In other words, one could observe gestures, methods, and even items used by the physician that could promote patient satisfaction. Why do you consider communication key in this process?