Writing in the Social Sciences Essay AssignmentPurpose: In this essay, you will identify and discuss a problem based on one or more social trends, and you will offer a solution or a number of solution

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May 15, 2022


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Writing in the Social Sciences Essay AssignmentPurpose: In this essay, you will identify and discuss a problem based on one or more social trends, and you will offer a solution or a number of solutions. For instance, reports show thatfour in ten couples remarry in America. Perhaps, in this case, one might offer solutions to making marriages last longer.Getting Started: You will begin by choosing a social trend in which you see a problem that you would like to solve. Be sure to see the approved topic list located at the bottom of this document.Thesis: Your thesis for this essay should be persuading your audience how you will go about promoting change or correcting the problem you have identified. A prong or serial thesis often works well for these types of essays. An umbrella thesis is possible, but be sure you explain why.Example thesis: Many children suffer long-term consequences of bullying, but the problem can be remedied through educating the parents, encouraging a community atmosphere, and implementing a peer mediation program.Organization:_First paragraph: Introduce the problem, closing the first paragraph with yourthesis_Second paragraph: Elaborate on the problem. Provide background information on the trend and the problem at hand. This should entail research ONLY from library databases, suchas Opposing Viewpoints, Gale Virtual Reference Library, or Academic SearchComplete._Third through fifthparagraphs: Explain your solution(s) to the problem. Be detailed in your approach, and the solutions should be mainly your ideas. In these paragraphs, you will need to introduce the solution, discuss how it works, discuss advantages of the solution as wellas, the disadvantages. Additionally, the solutions, need to be logical and viable. Think and describe how one would implement the solution. For example, abstract ideas, such as gaining more peace and love in the world, are not viable solutions. Concrete solutions, such as a return-to-work program or half-way house, are moreviable._Final paragraph: Rephrase your thesis. Be sure to then (in first person) discuss which solution that you feel is best and why. Research & Documentation: Your essay will contain short quotations or paraphrases from three credible articles. These articles must come from a library database, such as Opposing Viewpoints, Gale Virtual Reference Library, or Academic SearchComplete. You may use PewResearch Social & Demographic Trends Center(where this assignment started) as a third source, but you must also cite two sources from two of the library databases in addition to it. The sources must be published within the last 5 years: 2016-2021. Documentation for both in-text and end citations should be in APA style. Be sure to use quotes sparingly, as the matching percent should not exceed 20%. You can retrieve APA citations from the library databases; however they are not always 100% correct. Be sure to review the APA Module in the course under Course Content.Audience: Write for an educated audience, ages 16-65, meaning with such a wide audience that you should not assume that your readers know everything you do, or that you know everything your readers do. Write consistently in third person point of view. (i.e., avoid I, me, my, we, us, our,you, your). Use academic, formal prose containing no slang, contractions, jargon, or gender-biasedlanguage. Concerning that last limitation, make sure your nouns and pronouns agree; choose pluralsubjects over singular subjects (e.g., use individuals instead of individual).Length: 700-800 words.Due date: Be sure to review the Module Due Dates Document for the due date. WISS Essay TopicsAddiction (drugs, alcohol, social media)BullyingDiscriminationInequalityLow WagesMinimum WageGender disparity of wagesUnemploymentHomelessnessPovertyCost of child careObesityOpioid epidemicStress DepressionPTSDFood insecurityCar TheftsRecidivism RatesImmigrationStudent debtConsumer debtHome foreclosuresSafety concerns for online datingOthers approved by ProfessorTopics to avoid: These topics cannot be written on. Abortion Police Brutality Mass Shootings

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