Question: Case Study #1 – Forsaken Memorial Health System Please read the provided case. Complete the tasks…

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Jun 13, 2022



Question: Case Study #1 – Forsaken Memorial Health System Please read the provided case. Complete the tasks…

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Case Study #1 – Forsaken Memorial Health

Please read the provided case. Complete the tasks asked for next

You’ve taken a position with a consulting company. You are
trying to act like you are worth what the company pays you and
maybe even what they bill the client for your work. Your firm’s
engagement is to develop an evaluation of Forsaken Memorial Health
System (FMH), a hospital trying to become a healthcare system. FMH
is one of two hospitals serving a community of 300,000 in the
Midwest. FMH wants to remain independent, but its record to date on
strategy, planning, cost control, and even quality is only
mediocre. The partner at your consulting company asks you to
develop a list of questions or topics the firm must review about
the governing board and the CEO. He says:

Put down everything we ought to check using interviews, bylaws,
and minutes, in a way that we can organize a final report. This
includes membership, relation to community, and ability to handle
issues. Don’t forget the possibility that we may have to tell FMH
to find a strong partner, but if we do that we’ll need to have a
convincing justification. I think we’ll list what they need in the
way of capabilities, show what they’ve got, and let them wrestle
with the gap.

The ‘needs’ must be convincing-if they look too cookbook, the
client won’t believe them, and our rapport with them will be lost.
The list I’m asking you to prepare isn’t Mickey Mouse, so include a
justification for the questions. You might want to summarize the
questions on a one-page table. The justification should be four
pages or less.

“Would it be smart to use the Well-Managed Health Care
as a guide?” you ask. “I guess so,” he replies.
“It’s a well-regarded text, but remember this place is accredited.
It meets the basics. No sense in asking, ‘Do they appoint a CEO?’
because it’s obvious. Focus in on the critical questions, the ones
that are likely to make a difference. Like, ‘Is the executive staff
prepared for the challenges ahead?’ or ‘Do they have a board and
CEO evaluation system that keeps them competitive?’

“Also,” he says, “textbooks aren’t very dynamic. If this place
is going to make it, it will have to have its share of support from
the community movers and shakers, including the medical staff
leadership. We might think about who the heavy hitters are in the
community, what they are thinking about, and how well the FMH board
is linked in to that thinking.”

Case is © 2006 John R. Griffith and Kenneth R. White

Using the Case study above, answer the following
questions below:

The case report must clearly identify the following

The title should be brief but specific enough to
identify the problem it reports.


The case report should include the

-Size of organization.

-Type of organization.

-Type of ownership and control.

-Number of years in operation.

-Type and size of city and surrounding area

-Number, size and type of other health facilities,
services, programs, or agencies in the same area.

NOTE: Do not identify hospitals or organizations by


The case report should include a brief statement-one,
two or three sentences will be satisfactory of the problem which
confronted the student and which precipitated the administrative
action to resolve it. Do not include details, decisions, or
philosophical discussion in this summary statement.


A statement of pertinent facts about the problem,
including such information-where applicable as the


-Evolving complexity of the situation.

-Persons or groups involved and their

-Local or historical factors contributing to the

-Other appropriate data inherent in the case


A concise statement of the conclusions reached and the
action taken to resolve the problem. Explain the selected course of
action in full. Alternatives to the solution also should be
examined, with reasons delineated for not following them. Report
all special obstacles encountered in arriving at a


Document the results which followed the selected
administrative action and decision. Indicate, where possible, the

-Length of time between attempted solution of a problem
and an evaluation of its results.

-Length of time results of administrative decisions were

-Comment where, in the opinion of the case reporter, the
solution “withstood” the test of time.”

6) References


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