Question: Read each discussion and comment. should be 100 and plus words 1-Damien Ryan identifies different…

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Jun 13, 2022



Question: Read each discussion and comment. should be 100 and plus words 1-Damien Ryan identifies different…

by | Jun 13, 2022 | Questions & Answers

Read each discussion and comment. should be 100 and plus

1-Damien Ryan identifies different factors that are important
for the Future of Digital Marketing and I would say the most
important are trust and personalization. The fundamentals of
digital marketing relies on build trusting relationships with
consumers. “The power of trust has a permanent position in the
future of digital marketing, particularly the trust generated
through micro-review websites. The digital marketers of tomorrow
will extract important information from the social web about
consumers – especially their interests and personal
recommendations. Marketers will then use this information to help
consumers discover products in real-time.” (Linx) By building
trust, it allows consumers to have peace of mind in the company and
the products they’re buying. Consumers need to know that their data
is in good hands. With consumers building trust, it’ll then spread
by word of mouth that trust is placed there. Personalization used
to be just employees knowing your name when you go to a store. But,
now with the digital marketing on the rise, personalization has
changed to where companies know what you want to buy before you’ve
thought about it. When an experience is personalized, the consumers
feel connected to the message. “When we personalize something, we
are helping an audience to have a richer experience with content or
information that they have shown a preference for, while also
selecting what kind of content they might interact with in the
future. At the heart of all marketing management lies the desire to
present the best possible information in the most attractive way,
at the right time.” (Shepherd) I know for me that I feel understood
when a message is more personalized towards my needs or wants. For
example, if I made purchases online, I would be sent emails with
other items that I would possibly be interested in just based off
my past purchases. Usually, it’s clothes that would fit my style.
Digital marketing is now more about creating experiences and
building trust with consumers. With consumers spending more time
online and on their mobiles, digital marketing is a tool that can
be very beneficial to companies when used properly.


In our world today, as we become more knowledgeable about our
privacy, it has become a very important concept for us. In fact,
according to Security Magazine, 9 in 10 Americans say that their
privacy is “very important” to them. Another interesting statistic
is that over half of Americans that own devices such as Alexa and
Google Home say that they are worried about what information is
being collected on them (“Americans Say”, 2017). Overall, our world
is becoming increasingly skeptical and more aware of the ideal of
privacy. That is why I believe that trust will be the commercial
advantage and future of digital marketing. Businesses, in order to
survive, will have to invest in efforts on how to correctly engage
with customers and how to effectively understand their preferences
(“Understanding Digital Marketing”).

As Bobby Duffy states in our textbook, “trust in the ordinary man
or woman in the street is at the highest level we’ve ever recorded.
All generations have increased their level of trust – which is
encouraging and important”. While this information is referring to
trust in politicians, the author of our book predicts that this
will be a growing area for businesses to focus on in the future. In
the future, for a brand to be successful they will not only have to
gain their customers trust in regards to quality of the product but
more importantly how they’re handling their private information.
According to an article posted by, there have been many
companies that have lost the trust of their consumers costumers,
and therefore their business over the years. As generations become
less and less brand loyal, marketers need some way of retaining
consumers. Trust is the first step.

I agree with Vanessa and Annalie that personalization is one of the
most important items on Damien Ryan’s list. With advancements in
technology and experiential retailing, customers are constantly
evolving in regards to preferences. The consumer expectation will
never stop growing and the future of digital marketing it learning
how to adapt to that. According to an article posted by Evergage,
consumers want companies to engage with them and provide them with
the right content, products, promotions, and messages (Sweet,

When researching about the future of digital marketing, I came
across information about The European Union’s General Data
Protection Regulation (GDPR). Starting May 2018, companies in the
European Union will have very strict restrictions on how they
collect data. I read that this is going to also cause changes to US
marketers/companies as well. According to Reid Bryant, VP of
analytics and data science at Brook Bell, the positive to this new
practice is that companies will have to put a lot more thought into
data collection and analytics (Sweet, 2018). This will allow for
personalization to be more effective while also protecting the
public’s rights to data privacy. I thought this was an interesting
integration of “Trust” and “Personalization”.


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